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This site is prepared to help those who are diagnosed with Endometriosis , who are to have Endometriosis Surgery and who had unsuccessful prior  Endometriosis Surgery.

The objective is  to explain the complexity  of Endometriosis Surgical Treatment in simpler terms, and what to look in choosing the right surgeon, and what questions to ask for the best outcome after surgery. 

Expert Endometriosis  Surgeons agree unanimously;  Surgery is the only treatment modality that works. Repeatedly results have shown clearly Endometriosis is highly treatable. However what technique works and what does not may not be even  agreed upon  between good surgeons.

Whether you had previuos laser laparoscopies, or spend all your fortune for infertility to get pregnant with IVF treatments, this is the  site for you to understand  how the minimally surgery really  works. Who really should perform your surgery? 

By now you may already know, birth control pills and  Lupron perscriptions  are  not treatment for Endometriosis.  You may have failed IVF has failed multiple times, or hysterectomy and removal of your ovaries  was offered to as the last option. It is not even unusual to have still symptoms of endometriosis after hysteretomy, was it wrong hysterectomy or incomplete Endometriosis Surgery? This is the site you will learn in the real inside story!

This site is also for patients who think they are being treated by  the best doctors, in the renowned  academic centers and in the hand of best IVF clincs.

treated with Irritable bowel syndrome IBS after colonoscopies by gastroenterologists, and who ended up in emergency rooms to have appendectomy surgery .

Brought to you by  Dr.Tamer Seckin,  endometriosis surgeon who has commited his professional life to perfect the quality of endometriosis surgery. With  the most discriminating revolutionary methods, utilizing the state of the art techniques to expose the elusive dide sestate  focusing  to visual recognition of the most elusive face of the disease with increased magnification and contrast media.

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