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Testimonial - Cynthia Sablon, M.S., L.AC.

Marilyn Connors

In late July of 2001 I was diagnosed with endometriol cancer. My gynecologist at that time recommended that I under go a complete hysterectomy. Since he was no longer performing surgical procedures he recommended the services of Dr Tamer Seckin whom he had assisted through hundreds of previous procedures utilizing the lacroscopical surgical technique. My referring doctor assured me that Dr.Seckin was truly skilled in this area and had achieved excellent results with patients who had similar conditions. Dr. Seckin was not only truly brilliant in the way he handled my surgery he also conveyed an excellent means of relating as I went through this difficult period in my life. Today I am cured of the cancer,I have no discernable negative side effects from the surgery. Generally speaking I feel great. I feel truly fortunate that I was able to utilize the expert services and knowledge of Dr. Seckin.


Shakira Azeez-West

In March of 2007, I was told by a doctor that my inability to become pregnant was because of a condition that was irreparable, and had given me adoption options. Devastated by that diagnosis, I sought a second opinion, Dr. V., who said it was a very large fibroid blocking my cervix. Dr. V. gave me an option of having the surgery performed by him via bikini cut c-section, or referring me to Dr. Seckin for a laparoscopic myomectomy which I had never heard of before. Not being sure of what it was, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Seckin for a third opinion, and to discuss Dr. V.'s options. Dr. Seckin confirmed that the fibroid was the issue, and described the surgery to me that would be performed as an out-patient procedure, and a significantly less recovery time than the c-section surgery. I thought about it for a few weeks, and decided that this was a great choice. Dr. Seckin performed my surgery early July, I was home the same day, and within two weeks I was feeling back to normal. Needless to say, my uncomfortable cramps are no longer, I have no scar tissue in utero, and to the naked eye, you would think I scratched myself (the surgical scar is so small). Dr. Seckin did an excellent job! I haven't tried to conceive yet, but I'm all healed up and ready to go thanks to him.


Karen R.

I am very happy to recommend Dr. Tamer Seckin to any woman looking for a good gynecologist. I have been in Dr. Seckin’s practice for almost 10 years. I have received excellent skilled medical care and advice from him. There are two aspects of my absolute faith in Dr. Seckin. The first has to do with his skill, experience and high profile in the gynecological field. The second has to do with my personal tendency to minimize symptoms and be generally lax with myself about symptoms I should be more attentive to. Regarding this first aspect, Dr. Seckin’s skills and qualifications, I can say from personal experience of two procedures, he knows what he is doing, he is a front runner in the most advanced techniques in laparoscopic surgery and he is an authority on all aspects of gynecology. He answers questions seriously and fully. His manner is respectful and thorough. As far as the second issue, my own tendency to downplay any symptoms I have with my menses and so on, it is clear to me that Dr. Seckin has helped me avoid complications with my health in the future. He has shown a thoroughness and vigilance that I have found exceptional compared to the other gynecologists I have gone to. I recommend Dr. Tamer Seckin wholeheartedly.


Evangelia Handras

Almost four years ago, in the fall 2005, Dr. Tamer Seckin performed a 4 ½ hour surgery. I am looking at the report as I write this and I am providing an excerpt from the surgical report: “Extensive lysis of adhesions and rectal lysis, rectovaginal septum excision, complete cul de sac excision, left and right endometrial excision, bilateral ovarioplasty, resection of the diaphragm….” It goes on with medical terminology I had to look up. In layman’s terms, the Endometriosis was removed from areas as distant as my diaphragm, liver and dangerously close to my heart. My reproductive organs and bowel were freed after years of being held immobile by scarring and adhesions from the Endometriosis. My ovaries were cleared of the large endometriomas which had ballooned to 6 centimeters. Dr. Seckin had skillfully and successfully removed every last vestige of Endometriosis he found and left all of my organs intact. He later told me my case was one of the worst he had ever seen. During the dark days before I had the good fortune of finding him, I was convinced that I was going to be the first woman to die of Endometriosis. Being that the disease was approaching my heart, I still wonder if that might have been my fate. My recovery from the surgery was fast and easy and I had no scars to speak if. A week after surgery, I began to feel deliriously well. The absence of pain had me feeling almost euphoric. I am still a regular patient of Dr. Seckin’s. Four years later, I have NO symptoms or pain. NONE. My ovaries are normal. My menstrual cycles are unremarkable (so THIS is what a normal period is like!) and most importantly, I have my life back. Endometriosis is no longer controlling me - it almost seems as if that defeated person I used to be was someone else. Endometriosis is no longer even a thought - until I meet someone who might be suffering from it - and when I do, I give them Dr. Seckin’s contact information and tell them they don’t need to go anywhere else. Dr. Seckin asked me to write this testimonial in support of Endometriosis Foundation of America which will be headquartered here in New York City. To this day, I feel that this physician, exceptionally talented surgeon and extraordinary humanitarian saved my life - and I am grateful. I am once again thriving in my career and have the energy to pursue the things that bring joy and contentment to me.



My Husband and I would like to thank you so much for making a difficult operation into the best possible situation. My family was a little nervous about having 2 large intramural fibroids (6 and 8 cm) and a smaller one inside the cavity removed through laparoscopy instead of the traditional laparotomy. My husband and I were not because we had met with you. We were impressed by your confidence and track record and we were told by our RE that you were the best and only one he would recommend for such an operation. Our insurance agreed that you were the only one who could do it too, and that is why they covered the operation fully even though you were out of network. My gynecologist was very impressed that you could do this bloodlessly with the use of a tourniquet (which he had never heard used in that context). I was a little worried about blood loss, as I was borderline anemic, but I ended up losing not one drop of blood! The day of the surgery, I remember feeling safe and comfortable prior to the operation and regaining my faculties about an hour after I came out of the 2.5 hour operation. Although it was a little difficult making the effort to go home the same day, I am thankful that I could have this operation as an outpatient as I would much rather recover at home. My husband has told me that you also were very helpful to him after the operation in getting my prescription for the pain medications filled. Overall I realize there must have been pain that same day of surgery, but somehow I can't remember it. You saw me for the first time post-operative 5 days after the operation, and I was healing well. Maria was of great comfort and help throughout the whole process, so please also thank her for us. I now have the tiniest scar (0.25") on my stomach and the other ones are not visible. I can't even believe you were able to do what you did with 3 such little incisions! From the sonogram you did at our last visit, I can now know what a normal uterus shape looks like! We are now ready to go back the my RE to try and conceive. I know that this would not be happening without your intervention. Thank you so much for all you did. Please feel free to pass on my phone number to any prospective patients whom you believe may benefit from talking with me.


Carolyn Eppley

On April 28, 2006 I finally received true validation for all the pain I had been enduring for several years. I had a supracervical hysterectomy with my right ovary and fallopian tube removed. For several years I had been making frequent trips to doctors, trying to find out what was wrong with me. I went to my general practitioner, gynecologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, and finally to an orthopedist. I had an MRI of my pelvis and that is when the findings showed that I may have adenomyosis. From there I went to another gynecologist and then for a second opinion to Dr. Seckin. It was agreed that I needed a hysterectomy. All my aches, pains and urinary infections were real, they weren’t in my head. Through four hours of a LAVH, Dr. Seckin found that my uterus had adhered to my abdominal wall, my uterus had tissue inside(adenomyosis), and my right ovary was twisted around my fallopian tube. It brings me to tears to think about how much pain I have had to endure throughout these years. I can’t understand why this was so difficult to detect. I saw so many doctors and had so many procedures done, yet no one knew what was really going on inside of me. Fortunately my story has a silver lining. I found an extremely competent surgeon who was trained to perform minimally invasive surgery. It is truly amazing what can be done with so little cutting. More women need to be aware of LAVH surgery. I have read several books about hysterectomies and it is "minimally" touched upon. There is a great need for doctors to be trained properly for this miraculous surgery, so that women are able to recover faster and have less abdominal incisions. I would encourage women to look for an OB/GYN who is not only an exceptional doctor, but a competent surgeon. C-sections are so common these days, but obstetricians are not adequately trained for such an invasive surgery. I think there is a desperate need for more doctors to be trained by Dr. Seckin, and understand the true benefits of a LAVH. I also believe it is just as important for women to be aware that they have a choice of what kind of surgery they need-you just have to find the right doctor.